PDRR methodology utilises a supported, grout-filled roadway that the Longwall shears into for Longwall recovery to realise safety and productivity benefits. Over the last five years multiple safe, efficient and successful PDRR Longwall recoveries have been achieved utilising this methodology.

Since their inception at Gregory Crinum in 2011, Lunar Mining’s project teams have been involved both directly & indirectly with installing Pre-Driven Recovery Roads.

A systematic approach has seen a refinement in the installation process over the last 5 years with the commitment to manage costs, heighten productivity & drive exceptional safety performances. Successful Pre-Driven Recovery Roads at Gregory Crinum & Broadmeadow have resulted in numerous site records for longwall relocations, thus adding value to our partners.



  • Reduce personnel exposure to bolting unsupported ground.


  • Faster LW critical approach
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Achieve PIC at an accelerated rate
  • Increases production up to 20 days
  • Methodology supports advantages & mitigation strategies for weak roof & floor recoveries


  • Complete project analysis, design, execution and breakthrough
  • Management of project strategy and pre-works
  • Underground crews for secondary support, shutter construction, grout placement and monitoring
  • Access to specialist plant for grout delivery
  • Engagement and change management for the longwall approach and breakthrough
  • Project review and closure report
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