Project Management

Lunar Mining has developed a professional management team that is responsible for providing leadership & direction within the proposed operation. Our management team is committed to implementing a positive & productive culture that maximizes production & maintains a strong focus on safety.

An integral part of our management strategy regarding project execution is to effectively engage our stakeholders throughout the project’s life cycle based on their needs & potential impact on the project success. Through a collaborative effort with our client we strive to establish strategic direction & performance

parameters to provide purpose, expectations & key deliverables within the operation.

We believe that demonstrating a commitment through personal involvement continues to drive the high expectations we place on achieving production targets & maintaining zero harm.

Both quality assurance & quality control also play an integral role when delivering our scope of works successfully. Lunar Mining’s continued focus on quality has seen the establishment of systems & processes to ensure client satisfaction is not only met but also exceeded.

We maintain high standards on delivery of our services & products to ensure all conformance requirements are achieved. Our systemic approach ensures improvement & innovative opportunities are captured & implemented with direction from the client. Our management team embeds the importance placed on quality within our projects.

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