The Lunar Mining team have extensive knowledge & experience when it comes to all aspects of secondary support systems. We can provide the right technical solution for any secondary support application that our clients require.


We are a specialised industry leader for all bolting systems, remedial support & spiling methods. We deliver expertise for all applications.


Lunar Mining not only offer qualified technical support for shotcreting services but can provide a complete package for shotcreting projects. Our services range from mix designs, quality assurance & control, and application for any underground support project.


Lunar Mining has direct access to systems for the consolidation of fractured or unstable earth as well as cavity fill applications for longwall recovery or emergency roadway fill. Our services include the consolidation of fractured strata with cement grouts, injection resin and or bolting applications. These same applications are also utilised to stem water migration around goaf seals.


Lunar Mining provide a specialized service of installing an innovative pumpable crib, which replaces conventional timber cribs. The cribs consists of a high tensile-strength textile bag suspended from the roof in underground roadways and filled with a cementitious based product. The effective pumping system, together with rapid gelling characteristics of the cementitious material ensure simple and fast installation. The rapid strength gain provides early resistance to mine roof convergence and bed separation. Pumpable cribs are suitable for remote areas that are inaccessible to mine haulage & roadways susceptible to high gas levels.

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